LabGuy's World: 1967 Ampex VTR Audio Monitor Amplifier

New! 071223

         Here is an overlooked artifact from about 1967. It is made by Ampex. But, on this one, I can find no model number. So I call it simply the Ampexlifier. It is a monophonic audio amplifier with twp speakers of moderate power. I estimate ten to fifteen watts. Input is via a professional XLR connctor. Powered by 117 VAC. Package is a handsome leatherette covered wooden suit case style box. The cover is removable. This amplifier could be used with any of Ampex's video tape recorders playing to large audiences, such as in an auditorium or classroom.

         This one came from Ebay. It arrived with a broken power switch and so has not been tested as of yet. The photo above is a view of the insides. Note the broken power switch in the lower right corner. When the day comes that I start to seriously begin restoring my video tape recorders, then this amplifier will be vey handy. Anyone got the service manual for this thing?


Created December 23, 2007 Last updated: December 23, 2007