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I can not tell you much about this item, except that it is the authentic article. Obtained from John Streets, the founder of Merlin Engineering in Palo Alto California, this cassette dates back to the earliest time at Cartridge Television Incorporated, when John worked there. This would have been in 1969 or 1970.

        This cassette contains quarter inch video tape. Consisting only of two thin plexiglass plates and some milled aluminum, the design is elegantly simple. Sadly the case is cracked in several places and the tape is broken. Nonetheless, a remarkable piece of home video history.

Origins of Cartrivision. Home movies by Peter Berg

        Please enjoy this video produced by Peter Berg and provided to us by Luke Perry, web master of the "Cartrivision: A unique way of looking at things". A very rare look inside the actual R&D department at the Barger Corporation. Note the similarity in appearance of these later cassettes to the one I show on this page. Mr. Berg shot this material on 8mm home movie equipment and just recently transferred the film to video for all of us to share. Peter Berg was head of the Project Development even before the company was called Cartridge Television Inc. This video is 7.1 MB and runs for 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

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