LabGuy's World: Extinct CBS Laboratories Video Equipment

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CBS Labs Field Sequential Color Camera CCU Field Sequential Color CCU: A "colorist" would continuously adjust the gain and DC offsets for the red green and blue channels. Today, the same problems occur in cameras, but the adjustments are performed automatically.
CBS Field Sequential Color Orthicon TV Camera Field Sequential Color Camera: You can see the color wheel just behind the lens turret. This system failed for its lack of compatability with existing B/W TV.
Ed Sullivan in a CBS Color Studio in 1951 Field Sequential Color Studio: Ed Sullivan is in this picture from 1951.
CBS color wheel Mechanical diagram Field Sequential Color Wheel: The CBS system transmitted a 405 line video signal at 144 fields per second. This made it easy to transmit film's 24 frames per second. Note the clever way the filter disks could be stopped for B/W reception.
CBS/Columbia 12CC2 Color Receiver CBS/Columbia 12CC2: Learn more about this on Ed Reitan's web page: The Following Program is Brought to You in Living Color.


Last updated: January 09, 2005