LabGuy's World: Extinct Cartridge Television Inc. Equipment

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Cartrivision VCR tape drive unit. Tape drive: This is the first American made VCR. The tape transport, with it's 8 inch diameter, 3 head drum, is visible in this image. It used half inch tape and operated is a skip field mode. It only recorded every third field of video, but played back that field three times. Photo: Drew Williams.
Cartrivision VCR electronics bay Electronics: The electronics bay. It was space age, man! It even had integrated circuits (IC's)! This unit was compact enough to fit within the cabinet of a 25 inch color television! Photo: Drew Williams.
Being used: Obviously, not a very compact machine or format. But not bad for the time! Photo: Matt Patoray. 
A Rare table top model Cartrivision VTR & TV Table Top Version: New Photo! Obviously, I was wrong in the previous entry! Here is a very compact model! I wonder what the camcorder version would have looked like? Photo: Marcel Snijders.
Cartrivision Instant Replay Vidicon camera Instant Replay: The matching B/W vidicon camera for the Cartrivision VCR. This has a zoom lens, an optical, "through the lens", viewfinder and a pistol grip (not shown). It did not have a microphone. Made by Eumig in Austria. Photo: LabGuy.
Cartrivision Instant Replay Vidicon camera Instant Replay: Close up look at the insides of this little camera provided for the curious. Photo: LabGuy.
Cartrivision Instant Replay Vidicon camera Instant Replay: An even closer look at the vidicon deflection coil assembly. It contains three coils, one each, for: horizontal deflection, vertical deflection and magnetic focusing of the elecron beam. Photo: LabGuy.


Last updated: January 09, 2005