LabGuy's World: Extinct Dage / Nivico Video Equipment 
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Portable TV Tape Recorder:  A video recorder that permits the action to be slowed down or held stationary for up to an hour has been introduced by Dage. The recorder, priced at $12,450, has a bandwidth of 3 Mhz and at a tape speed of just under 6 IPS will record a 63 minute TV program on a standard 7" reel of 1" video tape. A built in monitor shows the recorded picture. Text and photo: Electronics World Magazine, March 1964. Update! 09/01: This is a JVC model KV-2 video recorder under its U.S. marketing disguise. Read more about it on the JVC Prehistory Page.
Dage Catalog Front Cover Dage Color Film Chain Catalog Plus!: New!  Browse through eleven pages from 1954 & 1955. Very fascinating sollution for stations attempting to upgrade to the "new" compatible color broadcasting system of the early 1950s! Great stuff! Click the picture or the title to enjoy the nostalgia!


Last updated: January 09, 2005