LabGuy's Wolrd: Extinct Fairchild Video Equipment 
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(Model Unknown): New! A prototype of a new (longitudinal) video tape recorder is shown here with its developer, Wayne R. Johnson, Technical Director of Winston Research Corp., a subsidiary of Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.  The tape transport and the solid state electronics circuitry occupies less than half the volume of the right hand portion of the console cabinet. A conventional TV receiver occupies most of the voulume of the left hand portion. A regular high quality closed-circuit TV camera, which can be used with the recorder, is shown just behind the console. Text and photo: Electronics World Magazine, June 1964.
Top panel of the transport mechanism. Spec's: Bandwidth: 2Mhz, Tape Width: 1/4", Tape Length: 9000 feet, Reel Size: 10-1/2 Inches, Tape Speed:  120 IPS, Tape Type: Instrumentation grade, Number of  Tracks: 4, Recording Time: 60 minutes in 4 passes,  Number of Heads: 1, Head Gap: 1 Micron. Photo: Electronics World Magazine, June 1964.


Last updated: January 09, 2005