LabGuy'S World: Extinct JFD Video Equipment
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JFD Manufacturing Co. - 4111 Ft Hamilton Parkway - Brooklin, New York:
JFD 602 JFD-602: B/W, Vidicon camera. Photo: Ebay Online Auction.
JFD 606 JFD-606: B/W, Small studio viewfinder type vidicon camera. Photo: Ebay Online Auction.
JFD 700 - EIAJ VTR and Videmo 127E camera. My very first VTR JFD-700: B/W, EIAJ, 1/2 inch tape, reel to reel, editing VTR. This was LabGuy's first video tape recorder, purchased used in 1977 for $650. The camera, in the photo with the VTR, is a Videmo 127e. Internally, it was quite apparent that this VTR was manufactured by JVC. Photo: LabGuy.
JFD 700 - EIAJ VTR. My very first VTR JFD-700: Another view of my very first VTR.  More info desperately needed about JFD. Specifically would like to know which JVC model was closest to this machine; KV-350 or KV-360? Photo: LabGuy.


Last updated: January 09, 2005