LabGuy's World: Extinct Javelin Electronics Video Equipment

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Javelin Electronics:
VTR 200 B/W EIAJ deck VTR VTR-200: EIAJ, B/W, reel to reel, portable deck VTR. Photo: Matt Patoray.
VTR 200 Color EIAJ deck VTR VTR-300: EIAJ, Color, reel to reel, portable deck VTR. Photo: Matt Patoray.
Javelin X-400 VTR. X-400: EIAJ, B/W, reel to reel, portable editing VTR. This beauty has four video heads and weighs a lot!. Photo: LabGuy.
Javelin X-400 VT X-400: I believe that this machine was manufactured by Sanyo. The label on the back says: "Javelin Electronics Co., Los Angeles, Calif. Made in Japan". Photo: LabGuy.
Javelin take up reel with Sanyo name on the label. X-400: Matt Patoray has provided definite proof that this is really a Sanyo VTR!  The take up reel on my machine was a clue as to the who the true manufacturer was. Thanks, Matt! Photo: LabGuy.
Javelin X-400 VTR X-400: A nice close up look at the head drum cover and the Javelin logo. It sure looks great in my collection! Photo: Time Warp at
Javelin X-400 VTR - looking inside the head drum. X-400: EIAJ, B/W, reel to reel, portable editing VTR. Inside the head drum. If you have any more info than I show here, please email me. Photo: LabGuy.
X-400 Advertisement photo
Broadcast features in a 1/2" VTR? Yes, but only with the Javelin Master X-400! 
Javelin, the world's only half inch VTR with four video heads, gives you: .
  • True slow motion (not merely a series of stills - you won't see a noise bar).
  • Time lapse capability (extended or condensed playback).
  • Studio quality stop action (no picture tearing ever).
  • Frame-by-frame advance for study or analysis.
  • Plus simple pushbutton operation.
  • A sharp clear picture (over 300 lines resolution)
  • Assemble and insert edit for both video and audio.. 
  • And Javelin in the vanguard of standardization - plays half inch tapes produced on 
    other EIAJ compatible VTR's! The Javelin Master x-400 VTR, the one of a kind 
    machine ... maximum performance at minimum cost. Make it yours today!
    Javelin electronics co.
    Photo: Matt Patoray.


    Last updated: January 11, 2005