LabGuy's World: Extinct Panasonic EIAJ-2 Color Cartridge VCR's

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NV-5110: New Photo! EIAJ-2, 1/2 inch Color Cartridge Video Tape Player, two 30 minute tapes and an EIAJ 8 pin video monitor cable. Photo:
NV-5120A insides in play mode
NV-5120A: First picture is of the EIAJ-2, 1/2 inch Color Cartridge Video Tape Recorder and a 30 minute cartridge. The second picture is an internal view of mechanism with tape loaded and running in play mode. Photo: John Sangster
NV-5125: New Photo! EIAJ-2, Color Cartridge VTR. This is the deluxe, full featured model of the series. It has VHF / UHF tuners and a clock/timer for time shift recording ~ As long as you only needed to tape a 30 minute show. Now why would a format like this die on the vine? Info: R.D. Smyrna, Photo: Matt Patoray.
NV-5120A - EIAJ-2 cartrige and VHS cassette comparison Tapes, then and now: This is a comparison of the EIAJ-2 cartridge and a common VHS cassette. Running time was only 30 minutes. No 30 minute VTR format ever succeeded! Photo: John Sangster


Last updated: January 09, 2005