LabGuy's World: Exinct Sony PV series 2" Helical VTR's (1962-63)
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PV-100: First practical VTR developed in 1962 by Mr. Kihara at Sony Corp. Spec's: Black and white, mono sound, two inch tape, 5-3/4 IPS, 8"? reels, 120 minutes record / playback time, 25" x 17" x 17" (hwd), 145 pounds. Shown here, being threaded by an American Airlines technician, for showing an in-flight movie on 26 video monitors in various locations about the plane. The in-flight models of the PV-100 had the record electronics removed to save weight and power consumption. Passengers could also select an external view through a video camera, located in the nose of the plane, during all phases of their flight. Now, that's just too damned cool! Info & photo: Electronics World Magazine - March, 1965.
Sony PV-100 VTR PV-100: New photo! A better photo of the machine shown above. Photo: Sony History Web Site
PV-120: Very early 1960's color capable two inch helical scan, 100% solid state. One of Sony's very first VTRs. Color function was possible, by using an external CLP-1, color adapter pack. 
Photo: Michael Bennet.
PV-120: Another look at the very early 1960's color capable two inch helical scan VTR. Photo: 1964 magazine article.
No Image PV-120UC: Same as the PV-120, except that the color circuits were integral to the machine. No external adapters required. Infor: Howard Katz


Last updated: January 09, 2005