LabGuy's World: Extinct Technicolor Video Equipment
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Technicolor (Funai) CVC format Video Recorders
Model 212D: Japan's Funai joined forces with Technicolor to create the Compact Video Cassette (CVC) system in the early 1980's. This was the lightest and most portable recording system of it's time. Widely known as the "Technicolor Format," it used quarter-inch cassettes that were generally only available in a 30-minute length - a factor that contributed to the format's downfall. In the late 80's, a few desperate retailers stuck with large inventories of unsold CVC units tried to unload them as 8mm VCR's." Picture quality was better than some VHS models of the same period. Photo:
Model 335E: New! This model included a small color TV monitor (no TV receiver) along with the 1/4" VCR. The "E" suffix stands for "European". That means it uses the PAL color system. Does anyone know what the "D" suffix on the other models means? Photo: Brono Merlier. 
Model 412D: This model included a small color TV receiver and monitor combo for off air recording or for on the spot video presentations. Photo: Labguy.


Last updated: January 09, 2005