LabGuy's World: Extinct Toshiba Video Equipment
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Toshiba Video Tape Recorder R&D 1950s:
Toshiba R&D VTR model zero. VTR-0: (1956) The very first helical scan vtr built by Toshiba engineers. It was a one video head, alpha wrap, helical scan machine.
Toshiba R&D VTR model one. Color! VTR-1: (1958) The second prototype built by Toshiba. Shown to the public in spring 1959.
Toshiba R&D VTR model one. Color! VTR-2: (1962) The color VTR and its equipment racks. Note the round tube monitors!
LVR: (1979) LVR stands for: Longitudinal Video Recorder. The color VTR that never was! Here was a very late attempt to produce yet another longitudinal video recording format. Admittedly, this one is very advanced. Unfortunately, pure cleverness does not guarantee success in a market place filled with fickle consumers! The photos, below, consist of four full size page scans. These files are very large! Allow them time to load. It is probably better to print them out than to try to view them on line. Info and photos: Marcel Snijders


Last updated: January 09, 2005