LabGuy's World: Extinct Westinghouse Video Equipment
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TV pictures from a record!: New! A new system, called "Phonovid" plays still TV pictures as well as sound from a phonograph record. Up to 400 pictures and 40 minutes of sound can be recorded on both sides of a 12 inch long playing record. Heart of the system is a slow to fast scan converter which takes the signals from the phono pickup and converts them into a TV display. An electronic storage tube stores the picture line by line and, when the picture is complete, reads it out to the receiver. Two such storage tubes are used. One is repeatedly reading out a picture while the other tube is constructing the next one from the video information in the grooves of the recording. The storage tubes alternately read out a picture every six seconds. Both the turntable and the television set are entirely standard. The equipment, in a laboratory prototype form, was demonstrated recently by Westinghouse. The company foresees the system for classroom instruction, industrial and military training, vocational education and sales presentations. Text and photo: Electronics World Magazine, August, 1965.


Last updated: January 09, 2005