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VTR-150: 1966 Vintage portable deck black and white VTR. One head, 60 rps, 1 track = 1 field, head to tape speed of 180 IPS, video bandwidth of 2 Mhz, audio bandwidth of 10 Khz, 7-1/2 IPS, 60 minutes with 7" reel / 1200 feet of 1/2" tape. Weight: 50 pounds. (Article says 8" reels, but I doubt this. ~LabGuy) I am also calculating that the scanner diameter is just under one inch (0.955"). I am finding this difficult to believe, but not impossible based on the photo. Note the consipucous absence of the "large" scanner of of the day. Too bad there is a cover, probably to lower head to tape noise, over the tape path. More info and photos needed about this one, please! A service manual would be priceless.

Photo & info:  Electronics World Magazine - November, 1966. 
Latest update info: Bruno Merlier 050206

FP-100 vidicon camera FP-100: Vintage black and white field production vidicon camera. Probably used with the VTR shown above. One inch vidicon, C-mount lenses and five inch viewfinder monitor. Photo:


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