LabGuy's World: 1972: IVC 700 Low Cost One Inch Color VTR

New Addition! 01.12.17
1972: IVC 700 Low Cost One Inch Color Video Recorder!
        A wonderful artifact from International Video Corporation. Introduced in the early 1970's, this is a stand alone full color VTR. The tape is wrapped completely around the head drum, traveling in a counter clockwise direction, entering at the lower left and exiting at the lower right (of the image). Since the feed reel sits lower than the take up reel, tape travels "upwards" as it traverses the circumference of the drum. This scanner has only one video head, which protrudes a minute distance from the drum, and contacts the tape. When running, the scanner spins the head around 60 times a second in B/W mode and 59. 94 times per second in color. The rear portion of the actual video head is visible inside the drum at about the "9 O'clock" position.        This machine also has only one audio track, as suggested by the "low cost" in my title. There are controls to set both audio and video input and output levels and meters to monitor those. There is a separate control for color lock. Additional controls are provided for tracking and tape tension adjustments as well. The connector panel contains jacks for video input, color (corrected) video output, raw (unprocessed) video output, audio input and output, AC power and remote control. The IVC 700 contains a built-in amplifier and speaker for audio monitoring too. This machine is very heavy, weighing in around 75 pounds (34 Kilograms).
NEEDED: Nothing! I have all of the manuals for this one!


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