LabGuy's World: 1972 Panasonic NV-3082 EIAJ portapack VTR

1972: Panasonic NV-3082 EIAJ portapack VTR and WV-3082 camera.

       The NV-3082 is color capable, using an external color adapter. Otherwise, fully EIAJ type 1 compatible, 30 minute recording on 1200' / 5" reels of 1/2" tape. This recorder weighs in around 30 lbs with camera, tape and two 6 volt gel-cell lead acid batteries. Running time was about one hour per charge. The unit operated from AC using the NV-B40 power pack. Playback was possible on a normal TV set using the built in RF modulator. Provisions are available for external microphone and an earphone for monitoring recording.

       The WV-3082 camera used a 2/3" vidicon tube and had a 1-1/2" CRT viewfinder for both recording and playback. The lens is the good old Fujinon 6:1 zoom used by everyone in those days. It was f1.2 and could zoom from 12.5 to 75 mm. F-stop, zoom and focus are all manual. The viewfinder had a flip up magnifier lens. Tape start / stop was controlled by a trigger switch in the handle.

I finally get a complete NV-3082 outfit with NV-A610 color adapter!

       This is the complete color kit of the Panasonic NV-3082 ensemble. The adapter allows the basic VTR to become an EIAJ full color recorder and player. The color adapter provides additional useful facilities as well. Such as an EIAJ eight pin monitor jack, a UHF style color video input jack and the ability to output composite NTSC video or RF on TV channels 3 or 4. The EIAJ eight pin jack allows the combo to record in color from a color television receiver monitor.

       An interesting note is that the color adapter will not operate when the AC adapter is not plugged in. I suppose that this is due to the additional power load it would place on the batteries. My favorite feature of this VTR is that the system is 100% functional! I own several hundred VTRs. But, the number of readily working units is very small.

       Alas, there is a matching color camera ensemble for this system. One of which resides at Labguy's World. This the model WV-2200 hand held color camera. Hopefully, I will live long enough to try this camera and VTR combo. The camera is buried in the storage unit somewhere. STAY TUNED. But, don't hold your breath.

       You can see videos of this NV-3082 in operation on my EIAJ videos page. Shot in crystal clear true high definition, 1080p. Click here to see actual NV-3082 VIDEOS


       A nice fellow in Sweden by the name of Pontus recently contacted me. He had a simple question. Were can I get batteries for my old portable VCRs? I thought about this a few moments and suddenly realized that it is forty four years since this VTR was designed. Modern batteries are smaller, cheaper and have much more power. A few internet searches and I found an excellent modern twelve volte NiMH battery pack and a matching smart charger. This battery is designed for modern high power toy cars and boats. You can see that project HERE.


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