LabGuy's World: 1991 Prime Image Excel 6.5 TBC /  Synchronizer

New Addition! 02.07.30
1991 Prime Image Excel 6.5 TBC /  Synchronizer
        (The following text and the image above is from the advertising brochure for this product. This item was generously donated by Steve Kyte.)
        The Excel series is the "ultimate" TBC line available, incorporating more high performance features than any other time base corrector / synchronizer line on the market today. This series is designed for high bandwidth operation at 6.5 Mhz while providing a full 0-20 dB variable noise reduction in any operating mode, including transcoding, with no impairment to high resolution characteristics.
        Of particular significance is the built in comb filter, which is front panel selectable. This feature allows the operator to activate and / or deactivate the filter at any time, even during an edit passage. In addition, all TBC and synchronizer functions are fully accessible from the optional remote control unit.
        The Excel 6.5 series handles full transcoding of Y/C, 3/4 DUB, Y/R-Y/B-Y, and composite. All units pass vertical interval test and reference signals without degradation. Digital effects include: posterization, sepia, mosaic, strobe and freeze.
        Six models are available in this series: the model 600 TBC without digital effects; 601 TBC with digital effects; 605 TBC composite only; 610 synchronizer with limited digital effects; 611 synchronizer with full digital effects; and 650 synchronizer composite only. Series options include the 60-R remote control unit, and 60-C high performance 3/4 dub cable. With prices ranging from $3,200.00 to $6,700.00, the Excel 6.5 series TBCs and Synchronizers offer the best price / performance value in the industry.
  • More High Performance Functions than Any Other Line
  • 6. 5 Mhz High bandwidth Operation
  • Full transcoding between Y/C, 3/4 DUB, Y/R-Y/B-Y, and Composite
  • 0-20 dB Variable Noise Reduction
  • Front Panel Selectable Comb Filter
  • Built-In Digital Effects
  • Passes VITS and VIRS without Degradation
  • All Functions Available on Optional Remote Control Panel
  • Pricing to suit any budget
        Of course, that was many years ago. This TBC is no longer in production. That's why it's in this museum. LabGuy's unit is not as pretty as the one in the photo. And it does have the wrong cover on it. But, it is everything the description says it is! Except for the Posterization, Sepia and Mosaic effects options.
        WANTED: Nothing! I work where all of the info and parts are available!


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