LabGuy's World: 1967 Sony CV-2200(A) - Editing & Duplicating Videocorders

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1967 Sony CV-2200 & CV-2200A - Editing & Duplicating Videocorders.

        These models bring dubbing and editing facilities to the Sony skip field family of VTR's. The "A" revision in the suffix of the second unit is just a slightly more improved version of the CV-2200. All of the differences appear to be internal. So the two models can be considered exactly the same from the users' stand point.
        Using a special dubbing cable, model VDC-1, two of these machines could be coupled together for editing or duplicating video tapes. This arrangement allowed the machines to record RF to RF directly from one tape to the other. The term, "RF", refers to the signal just as it goes onto or comes off of the tape right at the video heads. This removes many of the steps and circuits necessary to demodulate the signal back down to baseband video only to have to remodulate it back to RF again in the recorder. This improves the signal quality of copies dramatically and the process is used in analog VTR's to this very day. Synchronizing signals are taken directly from the player's head drum servo circuits and used to directly control the record machines servo circuits. This method minimizes errors introduced by the mechanical part of the tape transport system, improving time base stability of copies and the servo lock up time of the decks.
        All LabGuy can say about that is, "Those Japanese people are so darned clever"!
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        [CLICK HERE] to read the owner's Instruction Manual for the Sony CV-2200!


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