LabGuy's World: Most Frequently Asked Questions
        Welcome to LabGuy's FAQ page. This web site generates several dozen extinct video equipment questions each week. I will address the most commonly asked questions here. If, after browsing the FAQ, you still have questions or comments, feel free to [SEND ME AN EMAIL].

TERMINOLOGY used on this page:

  • VTR - an extinct video tape recorder, open reel or cassette / cartridge.
  • VCR - a modern contemporary video recorder of any type, but think VHS deck.
  • SMALL FORMAT - any non-broadcast tape format. This definition is very very gray.
  • LARGE FORMAT - Broadcast formats like Quadruplex or One Inch Type C

#1. I have an old video tape from many years ago. How can I copy it to a modern format like VHS or DVD?

#2. I just got an old video recorder. How do I hook it up to play a tape on my television?

#3. I know how to hook up my VTR, but the connectors are weird. How do I connect to these?

#4. How do I operate this old VTR?

#5. When I play the tape, I can only hear the sound but the shows only screen snow. What is happening?

#6. What format is this old video tape?

#7. Where can I find a power cord for my old VTR?

#8. What are the pin connections for my AC adapter, camera, monitor, etc?

#9. Where do I find / buy / sell a particular video recorder or tapes or empty reels, etc...   EBAY ON LINE AUCTION

#10. Where can I find replacement rubber belts, drive wheels and pinch rollers for my decrepit VTR?

#11. Can I borrow, buy or rent equipment from you? NO. With the exception of movie and television props. But, the price is far beyond amateur budgets. Only queries from professional producers will be entertained. Also, no vidicon cameras are available from me for music videos at this time.

#12. I have an old videotape. Can you (LabGuy's World) copy my tape to VHS or another modern format for me? NO! The success rate is so low, that I no longer offer dubbing service. See my links page for Professional Tape Restoration Companies. Refer to Question #1.


Last updated: May 06, 2006