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       Please note, this page is under construction until further notice.

       Welcome to Labguy's videos pages. I will be posting here many videos on the subject of extinct VTRs. Most of the videos are produced by me. Some are contributed by others. The subjects are are diverse and fasinating. You will most likely have an enjoyable time viewing these programs and learning about an obscure topic at the same time.

       A few of the videos are over one gigabyte. So, it is recommended that you download the file in its entirety before playing it. My latest videos are in full 1080p high definition and will take serious time to download if you are not a using a fast internet connection. The good news is, you have never seen videos of this quality on YouTube! Of course, not all the videos here fit that definition. Please enjoy my home movies on this fascinating topic.

       ALL videos on these pages are copyright property of Labguy's World, or other respective copyright holders - used here with permission, and are subject to all normal fair use laws. If you desire more than that, contact me and let's talk.

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Created April 2013 - Last updated: May 1, 2013