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Permit me to introduce myself. I am Labguy aka Richard Diehl
(Who says that obsessive compulsive behavior has to be a bad thing?)

        Labguy is an avid collector of vintage video recording technology and related historical information. He specializes in all aspects of video tape recorders and video cameras that predate the accepted arrival of "home video". Mildly obsessive and manic, he runs the site in "cackling mad man" mode. His collections of almost antique video tape recorders and cameras is legendary. If it is electronic and makes pictures of any kind, he knows something useful about it.

       A veteran of silicon valley boom years, Labguy has seen the most amazing technology be born, evolve and fade away. Alas it is the way of the magnetic tape. The last magnetic tape manufacture in the USA went out of business in 2005. Hopefully, Labguy will preserve the memory of this now obsolete technology. You youngsters, with you iPods and MP3's know nothing of the joy of digging jammed tapes out of cheap 8 track players or getting tangled up in miles of steel recording wire. Bet you've never even cut your own record! (A record? What's that? It's like a CD, only crappier.) Well, Labguy has done all that and more!

Prior to the arrival of Betamax and VHS, there were many failed attempts to launch home video recording and playback devices. Virtually all of them failed or were adopted into unexpected market niches.

       Labguy's World web site is both a valuable resource for researchers and a fun place to visit. There are numerous sites devoted to parts of the home video story, but here I will attempt to cover more of it. In cases where other sites have a better angle on the story, a link is provided. The information is far more important than my ego. This site takes a more technical view than most others. Some concentrate on social aspects of VTRs and others on the business point of view. I want to provide more of a boiler plate or hands on experience and educate as to how this equipment worked and was used. Information for repairing and using the gear is provided.

       If you have a question feel free to write. I will do my best to answer. Thank you for visiting Labguy's World.

       Legal Disclaimer:

       Materials offered for download from this site are for the personal entertainment or educational use of the website visitor. No challenge to the copyright or trademark rights of any third party is expressed or implied, and I believe that my use of copyrighted materials falls within the "fair use" exemption of the US copyright act. If you know this is not the case, please inform me immediately and corrective action will be taken. Any trademarks referenced remain the property of their respective owners. Reuse of the electronic documents and files posted on this site on other servers or websites is not permitted without my permission - But, just ask, I am not unreasonable.

How to contact Labguy / Richard Diehl

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      1. Be sure you have read my [Frequently Asked Questions] page if you are writing with a technical question. This will save us both a lot of time. I love answering email, but it gets old explaining the same things over and over. Ninety percent of the common email topics are already covered there. If you see missing information or have constructive suggestions, by all means, feel free to write.

      2. I no longer offer tape dubbing services. The success rate is so low, it is no longer worth my time and trouble. See the first entry(s) on my [Favorite Links Page] for available tape restoration services. You will find these links first thing, right at the top of the page. Thank you for your understanding. 

      3. Due to the recent massive increase in spam, I am now flagging ALL email that contains [none] as a subject line and coming from ANY address I do not recognize as SPAM. Acceptable subject lines should contain "Labguy", "vintage video", "Cartrivision question" or some other "on topic" and appropriate introduction.

      4. I no longer post my email address in plain text. This prevents "web bots" from scooping it up for use in illicit mailing lists. Instead, I've embedded my address into the above picture. It MUST be read and copied manually, by a human being. No "web bot" is going to crack this method for some time to come. I apologize for the inconvenience. I trust you can understand the need, feel free to use this method too.

      5. Keep in mind that if you manually lift my address for illicit or illegal purposes, this will be considered theft of personal information and immediately reported to any and all U.S. national and international law enforcement agencies.

      ATTENTION FOREIGN VISITORS. Please write email in English. I truly and humbly apologize for this inconvenience. Labguy is a victim of the very poor quality and failed U.S. educational system. Sports and communist indoctrination were far more important than academic learning, if you can believe that! Now you know why we have to import trained foreign workers to keep our industry running. Even though in January 2015, over 98 million working age Americans are out of the work force. This is pure self destructive insanity, as we watch a great nation commit suicide by consuming itself from within. Thank you for understanding. ~Labguy~

If your email header looks like this at my end: , your email will be deleted unread.

       Free speech hurts absolutely no one, except adults with the maturity of a six year old. Suppression of free ideas, because they hurt *your* feelings, unconditionally hurts everyone on Earth. ~Labguy~

       As the countdown to World War Three moves steadily forward, did you know that Labguy is the executive producer of an on line and timely political commentary show? If you vote to the left of center, hate America and love her enemies, then you will NOT want to click the links below. If you are like me and love the United States of America unconditionally, understand the value of unrestricted free market capatalism, freedom of religion, thought and speech. Plus the gifts of liberty and TRUE tolerence, and you clearly recognize America's enemies, both foreign and [especially domestic], then join me and my dear friend Joe Dan Gorman for his monthly breakdown of what's wrong in America today from a Truly American and most entertaining, perspective.

       [Intellectual Froglegs] Enjoy!

       [The American Conservative Union] Enjoy!

       A complete and endless list of [The crimes of Barrack Obama] and his communists in sheep's clothing Democrat and Republican enablers. Prepare to be stunned. TO BE VERY STUNNED!

       My mother grew up in NAZI Germany. You remember that place? Where an excessively charismatic leader decided to take over and rewrite their constitution and impress his will on the people "for their own good"? No? No matter. You'll find out soon enough.

       In 1939, one of her neighbors tried to tell them that the black smoke pouring from the smoke stacks outside of town were JEWs being slaughtered and cremated. They all laughed at him. Next morning, the same neighbor was found hanged from a lamp post with a sign around his neck that read, "Jew Lover!" Not one person made a sound. They all looked at their feet and walked away like the cowards they were. (I pray they are all burning in hell at this very moment.) Think it can't happen here? Dream on. It's 1939 Germany all over again. "Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it".

       I fully expect to be shot in the back of the head and dumped in a mass grave, by a young Democrat millineal devoid of morals and working for the current administration, in one of America's 800 fully operational concentartion camps or reeducation centers. Don't take my word, Google for it. Then be more afraid. This is precisely the kind of free speech that yesterday's so called Net Neutrality laws (Feb. 27, 2015) are designed to BAN. (So, save copy of this page to furtively show to your grandchildren in a generation. And be fully prepared to be turned in for crimes against the state by those same common core brainwashed grandchildren.)

       My final point for the record. The acronym NAZI translates into English as Nationalist Socialist Workers Party. These are extreme left wing fascists. That's the same philosophy that Barrack Obama subscribes to. In fact his leaning is known as Islamo-fascism. (Look it up. He claims to be a Muslim in his own autobiography. ) The left has always declared the NAZIs were right wingers. The name clearly shows that the NAZI party sits far to the LEFT of communism. That's the political system that has killed some 400 million people since the end of WWII. I hope you don't wear glasses or a watch. Just saying.

       God Bless America! See you on the other side.

[MY PERSONAL MEMORIAL PAGE] This is where I remember those who were near and dear and are now gone.


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